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The Golden State Youth Orchestra, formerly known as the El Camino Youth Symphony, is no stranger to touring, having worked with ACFEA on 8 tours between 2003 and 2019. Regularly traveling with a party of 140 or more, with 120 musicians on stage, these tours have always presented challenges – but nothing like the most recent one did!

A highlight of Penn State University Concert Choir’s tour of Germany was singing Bach’s music in the very places where it was written. Dr. Christopher Kiver, Professor of Music and Director of Choral Activities, Penn State University, tells us more.


Stratus Chamber Orchestra’s immersive concert brought musicians and audience together in ways that neither may have anticipated — and left them with a new understanding of how a classical music concert could make them feel.


For the All Saints Trouvères from All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, California, connecting civil rights history to current events happened through sharing music, and taking the time to listen and learn.



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All About Travel Insurance

Every year there are at least a few of our thousands of tour participants who cannot go on the tour they have looked forward to for months. Sometimes they get sick. Sometimes someone in their family gets sick. Sometimes a hurricane hits and flights are canceled for days – or

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Navigating Customs with Musical Instruments

Moving any valuable items – like musical instruments – across borders can be difficult and time-consuming.  Customs officers abroad want to be sure that you will take your equipment with you when you leave their country, and customs officials on your return will want to be sure that you have

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Madrigals Return Home (Tour Notes, 2001)

“Together they had come far and experienced much in their exploration of their musical heritage. The memories they created together would be cherished for a lifetime.”   This article was originally published in our 2001-2002 Tour Notes.       ****   Hailing from Greenwich, Connecticut, the Greenwich Academy Madrigal Singers

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How has a tour helped your group make a connection?

We believe tours are powerful tools for facilitating connection, be it to repertoire, audience, history, each other, or in many other ways. Here are some connection stories from recent tours: “As the choir of an American Episcopal Cathedral, our 7 tours of England with ACFEA have forged a strong connection

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