Our Tours

We believe all tours should begin with a purpose.

From our initial conversation, getting to know you and your answer to "Why Do You Want to Tour?" is one of our top priorities.

We don’t do one-size-fits-all packages, because every group is different. Instead, we ask questions, make suggestions and offer options specific to your group’s unique touring goals, needs, and expectations. 

We know that a great performance of something even as short as a three-minute motet requires hours of rehearsal. As you prepare for your concerts on tour, we’ll be skillfully handling all the technical and logistical details: securing the performance opportunities your group desires, and balancing your musical, sightseeing and cultural schedules. This lets you and your musicians focus on what you do best – perform excellent music. 

Why do you want to tour?

Whatever your touring experience, interests, or goals, ACFEA Tour Consultants is dedicated to designing an exceptional tour — for you.