Orchestra Tours

We have extensive experience in arranging tours all around the world for orchestras of all sizes. Above all, we understand the complexities of touring with an orchestra.

From booking the big concert halls to making sure you have the right number of stools on stage for bass players, we take care of every logistical detail needed for planning a tour for orchestras. 

Our Specialized Services For Orchestras Include:

Setting you up for successful performances

Booking sufficient rehearsal and stage set-up time, renting instruments, hiring reputable trucking for transporting your instruments, and robust concert promotion are just a few key ways in which we help you shine at concert time.

Continuity in planning

A dedicated Tour Manager will work with you from the initial proposal until the end of your tour. This ensures we see not only your big picture, but all of the small pieces at the same time.

Customization to suit you

Do you need to do individual billing? We’ve got that. Maybe you prefer group payments? That’s fine, too. Every organization operates differently, and we stay as flexible as possible to meet your needs.

World-wide experts

Our global network of offices and representatives ensures that your tour will run smoothly wherever in the world it takes you

Prioritizing your artistic goals

Whether you want to plan a tour around your repertoire, hire local soloists, or participate in a prestigious festival, we’ll keep your artistic priorities front and center.

Information available 24/7

Tour planning involves sharing an incredible amount of information -- and accuracy is critical. Your group members will be able to access Tour Central, the customized tour planning section of our website filled with up-to-date tour info and resources.

Personal service throughout

In-person group presentations and pre-departure briefings, careful handling of all individual travel requests and assistance with check-in at your departure airport are just some of the ways in which we'll be with you every step of the way.

Ready to get started on your tour?

Time and time again, amateur orchestras of all types in the United States turn to ACFEA to plan their performance tours.