Our Experience

We have nearly 70 years of experience creating custom concert tours for performing arts groups throughout the world.

In that time, the ACFEA global network has grown to include the best concert tour experts worldwide.  We are also fortunate to have a deeply talented staff. Uniquely, our Tour Managers are accomplished musicians who understand the special needs of ensembles on tour, as well as how life-changing these experiences can and should be.


A wide range of school, church and community-based performance groups from around the world travel with us. And not only once – most of our groups return year after year, knowing that we can provide them with an outstanding experience every time.

When we started in 1955, tours were much longer (not least because the transatlantic journey was by sea) and much cheaper; I have a brochure for a 1967 tour, 12 years later, advertising 22 days in 8 countries for $745, including airfare.

But much has not changed: we are still staffed by musicians, we still inspect our hotels and performance venues, we still give pre-departure briefings, and we still see groups off at the departure airport. It seems we got a lot right from the very beginning.

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