About Us

Since 1955, ACFEA Tour Consultants has been creating custom tours for performing arts groups throughout the world.

As accomplished musicians, our staff know firsthand the special needs and concerns your group may have when touring abroad. When we combine that experience with our global network of travel experts and concert representatives, we’re able to create opportunities for life-changing experiences worldwide.

Tours designed by ACFEA are tailor-made to fit each group, reflecting that ensemble’s unique interests, abilities and expectations. We can incorporate elements like festivals or exchanges into itineraries, as well as competitions, homestays, philanthropic opportunities, and countless other special touches – all made possible by the practice of responding to each group’s particular objectives. We are dedicated to designing an exceptional tour for every group, whether it be a veteran of many collaborations with ACFEA or one taking its first step into the world of touring.

Concert tours can be powerful tools for fostering real connection between individuals, groups, and communities. Believing in equity and inclusion for all is a prerequisite for this, so we strive to function as an anti-racist and inclusive organization, and we embrace diversity and promote accessibility throughout the tour planning process.