We Only Offer One Tour: Yours

Concert tours should be as unique as the groups which embark upon them, as inspiring as the music they share and as dynamic as the world they explore.


Whatever your touring experience, interests, or goals, ACFEA Tour Consultants is dedicated to designing an exceptional tour — just for you.

ACFEA believes your concert tour should....

Western Kentucky University Chorale performs in Basilica Nuestra Senora de las Angustias, in Granada, Spain.

Photo by Marianne-Swienink-Havard

Start with a Purpose

Why do you want to tour? 

Our tours start with us asking this one important question, because every group has its own unique goals.

Elevate Your Group

Get to know another ensemble in their part of the world. Give your performers the experience of playing in a world-famous concert hall.

Golden State Youth Orchestra performs in the Smetana Hall in Prague, Czech Republic.

Photo by Petr Dyrc 

Boston Gay Men’s Chorus marches in the first-ever Pride Parade in George, South Africa.

Be Unique

Cookie cutter tours aren’t the best use of your time, energy or money. All of our itineraries are tailor-made according to each group’s specific objectives. 

Meet the Highest
Standard of Excellence

Our network of musicians and travel experts spans the globe, ensuring that wherever you go, you are in the best hands.

ACFEA couriers are with you from the moment you arrive to the moment you depart — and offer their expert assistance and care throughout the duration of your tour.

Members of the Davidson United Methodist Church Handbell Choir shares their bells with audience members after a performance in Krakow, Poland. 

Create Connection

Concert tours can be powerful tools for fostering connections between individuals, groups, and communities.

Be Really, Really Fun!

Let us sweat the details, big and small, so that on tour, your priorities can be making music and enjoying your destination.

Nightingale Bramford School Choir learning flamenco while on tour in Spain.

Photo by Marianne Swienink-Havard

Nothing is Standard, All is Unique

With no preconceptions, we ask, we listen, we propose and we arrange tours for all types of performing arts ensembles: 


Ready to bring your concert tour dreams to life?

Since 1955, we have planned concert tours for all kinds of performing arts groups with all kinds of goals, to countries around the world.