For over 65 years, our passion for the performing arts, global network and travel expertise has led us to create opportunities for life-changing experiences throughout the world time and time again

We can help find the right tour for your group by listening closely to your interests, caring about your goals, and combining them with our global travel expertise and passion for the performing arts. 

Throughout our long history, we have honed key areas of the planning process which help us plan high quality concert tours. These include: 

Dedicated Tour Managers

You will work with the same ACFEA Tour Manager all the way through your tour process. All of our Tour Managers are accomplished musicians and understand the complexities of travel for a performing arts group.

Expansive Global Network

Whether you want to perform in world-famous venues or off the well-worn path, our staff of Tour Managers, overseas managers and representatives located on five continents will work on your tour to help achieve your goals.

World-Wide Destinations

Our vast history of planning tours, and our global network of concert representatives, have given us a broad collection of destinations, each one with something special to offer your group.

Unparalled Experience

With over 65 years of experience, and an average Tour Manager career length of 15 years, ACFEA's extensive history can provide you with an excellent level of service and expertise.

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We have planned tours for all kinds of groups with all kinds of goals, to countries around the world.