All About Travel Insurance

Every year there are at least a few of our thousands of tour participants who cannot go on the tour they have looked forward to for months. Sometimes they get sick. Sometimes someone in their family gets sick. Sometimes a hurricane hits and flights are canceled for days – or weeks. Whatever the case, travel insurance is the best way to protect your investment.
Insurance needs vary greatly from person to person, so it doesn’t always make sense to include the same one-size-fits-all insurance policy in everyone’s tour. As you consider what your needs might be, don’t forget to check with insurance you already have – health or homeowners’ insurance, or coverage via a credit card – to see what, if any, coverage they provide abroad.
It’s important to investigate your options early, as eligibility for coverage can be a time-sensitive issue. There might be a sign-up window requirement depending on what kind of insurance you’d like, or if you have a pre-existing health condition. You can read more about the options we suggest via the insurance links below, or ask your Tour Manager for more information.
However, please note that it’s important to take any specific questions about coverage directly to the insurance provider. That’s the best way to be sure you’re getting exactly the help you need.
Your travel insurance options include:



Frequently Asked Questions


What does the insurance cover?
The insurance we suggest is trip delay or cancellation coverage. Check the websites above for a description of coverage.


How much does the insurance cost?
That depends on your age, the cost of the tour, and the coverage. Check the websites above for more information.


When do I need to purchase travel insurance?
Every policy is different. Some require purchase within two weeks of your initial deposit for the tour, or there might be a deadline if you have any pre-existing health conditions. However, in most cases, you can buy insurance up to a couple of days prior to departure.


Can we get group insurance to provide to everyone on our tour?
Yes, this may be possible, however you may find coverage to be more suitable on an individual basis. Please check with your Tour Manager for details on a group policy so you can decide if this is the best for your group.


I am staff and traveling for free. Can I still get insurance?
Yep! One of the factors of the cost of your coverage is how much you are paying for the trip, and $0 is an option.


Do I have to use USI Travel Insurance Services?
No. This is the company we have worked with and recommend, but you are welcome to use any company you are comfortable with.


What about health insurance?
First, check with your current health insurance to find out what coverage you already may have for sickness and injury abroad. Similarly, you may have coverage for loss of property abroad in your homeowners’ insurance or through coverage included with a credit card, in case you paid for your tour that way. If you aren’t comfortable with the amount of coverage you have, you can ask USI for what they provide. Please note you may be required to show proof of medical coverage upon entry to certain countries, such as Cuba.