Dalton School Raises 600 Euro for Local German Charities

Congratulations to the Dalton School Chorus from New York City, who raised over €600 for three charities in Wangen, Germany. The benefit concert was at Wangen’s beautiful Spitalkirche, where the choir presented a program including pieces by Pergolesi, Bruckner, Morley and Brunner.
“Wangen was an enchanting town; they really pulled out the stops for us. Such lovely people,” said Judy Wohlreich, a tour chaperone and teacher from Dalton. The choir members were also guests in the homes of several generous local hosts, a tour highlight for many.
Wangen was one of four cities the Dalton School Chorus visited during its Spring Break tour. The choir started with one night in Munich, then went to the quaint city of Nuremberg where it sang in the nearby town of Herzogenaurach with the local youth choir. The next stop was Wangen, followed by a three-night stay in Salzburg to end the tour.
After the tour, the homestay organizer in Wangen sent a thank you letter to the choir and enclosed a bookmark with a quote from Goethe that read, “It is a pity, but real thankfulness cannot be expressed with words.” She then added her own sentiment by saying, “This is how we feel for you and the group being so kind.”