When Can You Plan a Tour? Now!

As more of the population is vaccinated, it’s natural to wonder when various parts of life we’ve been missing can safely resume. And though no one’s going on tour at this exact moment, when should you plan your next concert tour? Right now! Here are five reasons why it’s actually a great time to do just that:
1) Opportunity to think about your ‘Why’
Pandemic or no, we begin planning every tour by asking: Why? Why do you want to tour? Every group has its own mission and goals. Crystallizing them helps inform crucial planning decisions. Even if you are very comfortable with your touring goals, it’s a worthwhile question to revisit. Your group has certainly changed over this past year. What they want and need from a tour may have, as well.
2) More time to plan the artistic scope
Thinking outside the box is normal by now. Nothing is assumed, which means there are new branches of the creative approach you might be able to explore. Perhaps you’re working with a different ensemble makeup or curriculum criteria, or want to consider a collaboration? Along with your tour goals, it’s a good time to check in on the artistic elements driving your group.
3) Keep group members engaged
Being able to look forward to things on the horizon has been hugely important for all of us this past year. Especially when rehearsals and performances have been disrupted, keeping an enticing goal such as a concert tour on the calendar has been a source of hope for many. It’s all but impossible to give your group a sense of normalcy these days, but you can give them a thrill of hope about the future. Bonus: This applies to donors, too…
4) Pent-up demand is creating availability issues
Everyone else has been missing travel just as much as you have! We’re already seeing crowded hotel reservations and venue calendars. It’s okay to start the planning conversation now, instead of waiting for everything to look normal again.
5) Planning your own tour is more difficult
Even directors who have managed their own tours in the past are turning to us for help, due to one very complicated new layer of planning: Covid rules. Let us stay on top of them, so you can focus on making music and enjoying the travel.
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