Happy Halfsies!

At ACFEA, when we say we have an experienced staff, we really mean it: The average career length for a Tour Manager in the US is currently over 15 years. The same is true for our colleagues overseas, too — most of our staff in London and regional managers and many of our concert representatives have worked with us for 15 years or more.
But recently, two ACFEA Tour Managers in our North America offices have reached an even more impressive milestone: Hugh and Amanda have each worked for ACFEA for half of their life!
We had to dust off an old calculus book we found in the storage room to sort out exactly when everyone started and how old they are. So you’re going to have to trust that we did the math, but suffice it to say, Amanda has worked for ACFEA for a long time, and Hugh for a longer long time. Over all those years, they both have enormously shaped what ACFEA is and all we continue to do today. For that, we are (mostly) grateful!
Congratulations, Hugh and Amanda!