Favorite Pictures – part two

Atlanta Boychoir

At the Temple of Poseidon in Cape Souion, Greece. The red shirts really add some great color to the picture.


Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church Choir

Pam Mfaxa and Bryn Mawr staff member Dianne Giombetti in Soweto.


Colorado Children’s Chorale

Enjoying some free time at Parque Güell in Barcelona, Spain. I always like it when our groups get creative with their group pictures.


DC Youth Orchestra Program

Performing in the Cathedral in Villa de Leyva, Colombia. This was our first tour group to go to Colombia. While the venue is nice, what strikes me most about this picture is how many locals are standing to watch the performance, many of them recording it on their phones.


Empire State Youth Orchestra

At the Yeosu Expo Concert Hall in Yeosu, South Korea. Anyone want to visit South Korea after looking at this picture? I know I do!


Garfield High School Jazz Band

Performing in the Plaza Grande as part of the Rataplan Music Festival in Modena, Italy. I love the unique perspective of this photo. Garfield is one of the top high school jazz ensembles in the USA, so I’m sure the very large festival audience enjoyed the performance.


Hartford Chorale

Performing in Chartres Cathedral in France. This is one of ACFEA Tour Manager Emily Frye Henriksen’s favorite photos. I have to agree.


Heinz Chapel Choir

At Lake Titicaca in Peru. Heinz has toured with us to several amazing destinations and it shows.


Highland Park UMC Choir

Performing in La Madeleine in Paris.


Los Angeles Children’s Chorus

At the statue of Christ the Redeemer at Corcovado in Rio de Janiero.


Mississippi College Singers

On top of Table Mountain overlooking Cape Town, South Africa. Going to Cape Town and then to the top of Table Mountain should be required for all groups that tour South Africa. It is simply one of the most amazing views you will ever experience.


Northern Arizona University Singers and the Master Chorale of Flagstaff

Tour participants greet locals after a service participation at Philadelphia Ministries near Sun City, South Africa. This picture is a perfect example of how open and friendly South Africans, especially children, are towards visiting groups.


Pacific Chorale

Rehearsing for its concert in La Madeleine in Paris.


Peninsula Women’s Chorus

Performing in the Matthias Church in Budapest, Hungary. I got to walk around this venue when it was empty on a trip to Budapest. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to perform there.


Ragazzi Boys Chorus

In Sydney, Australia. Ragazzi is one of our most well-traveled groups, having done over a dozen tours with ACFEA. I love the way this picture was taken, with the large tree in the foreground and the Opera House and Harbour Bridge in the background.


Seattle Children’s Choir

At the Chopin Monument in Warsaw, Poland. Sometimes you don’t realize how big a monument really is until an entire group poses next to it.


Southern California Children’s Chorus

At Thunderbird Park in Victoria, British Columbia.


St. Paul’s Singers

Enjoying an alternate mode of transportation in Morocco. Even the camel appears to be smiling!


University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chamber Singers

Performing in the Lady Chapel of Ely Cathedral in England.


University of Washington Husky Marching Band

Performing at the Ducal Palace as part of the Modena Tattoo in Italy. Such a majestic photo.