COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Thoughts

Like you, we have been following the Coronavirus news very carefully. We understand this is an uncertain time for many people around the world, and that it will have a great impact on our lives, our communities, and our music family at large.

Unfortunately, due to special circumstances, that impact may include changes to tour plans. We are working carefully with each group who has travel planned for the upcoming weeks which might be disrupted for one reason or another.

ACFEA has always believed that travel and making music alongside others are the most powerful tools we have for looking forward with hope, creating beauty in the place of angst, and bringing communities together. In our 65 years of helping musicians do just that in countless places around the world, we have seen many concerning scenarios, threats, and fears.

We weathered them, and will weather this, too, even if suggested guidelines or outright bans temporarily keep us more apart than we’d like. And as always, but especially in times like these, we are grateful for the opportunity to do so with you.