Chicago Consort in Cusco

After several successful tours to Europe, Chicago Consort chose to venture to South America, deciding that Peru was the dream destination. The timing of the group’s travel just so happened to coincide with Inti Raymi (Festival of the Sun), which was an Inca ceremony held every summer solstice to honor the Sun God and plead for his return. Today, it’s the second largest festival in South America, and Cusco fills with thousands of people from all over Peru and South America for a week of celebrating. With colorful costumes, music, and dancing filling the streets, it’s quite the sight.

Chicago Consort’s concert was held right in the middle of it all, in the Iglesia Santo Domingo, one of the city’s main festival venues.

“The concert in Cusco was magical!”, director Ed Kreitman said. “Every single seat was filled, and they were absolutely rapt with attention to the performance!”