ACFEA Staff Spotlight: Pieter and Juanita

Say hallo to Pieter and Juanita Myburgh, our managers for South Africa — and two of our very favorite reasons to visit!

Tell us a little bit about you!
We live in the small town of George – one of the prettiest little places in South Africa. We have been (mostly! Ha!) happily married for over 30 years. We are the proud parents of three great kids, but even better, three gorgeous granddaughters. We have been involved in travel since 1994 — the year South Africa had her first free and fair elections. While many were packing their bags to leave, we thought it the right time to welcome tourists to our beloved South Africa. We have been extremely blessed and are celebrating almost 30 years of organizing group tours to South Africa — the last 15 of which have been spent working with ACFEA’s wonderful groups!

What’s the best part of your job?
Juanita: Meeting great new people, and showcasing our beautiful country. The satisfaction of seeing a tour run smoothly after all the meticulous planning and organizing.

Pieter: The concerts. That first time a visiting choir gets cheered by an audience (as only Africans can) when they sing an African song. Actually, every time. I’ve cried tears of joy so often during concerts.

What’s your favorite thing of South Africa to share with visitors?
Juanita: Our variety — in people, scenery and food.

Pieter: I agree with the boss. The raw fascination of Soweto. Introspection at the Apartheid museum. The butterflies when a huge African elephant walks right by your safari vehicle. Or you see your first lion, zebra or giraffe in the wild. Being astonished by the power of African voices. Joy, when people join in singing Shozalosha. Peace, when you look down on Cape Town from Table Mountain. And so many more – it’s impossible to choose one favorite!

What do you never travel without?
Juanita: A notebook, my camera and enthusiasm !

Pieter: My passport! Binoculars, headphones, my mobile phone (loaded with music, pics of my granddaughters and more).

What would you love for people who have never been to South Africa to know?
That South Africa is actually even more spectacular and fascinating than what you have heard. If you allow us to organize your performing arts tour, you will not only be deeply touched, but you will probably leave motivated to change something significant in your life. Come, let South Africa enchant you!