Photo Use Terms & Policy

The following policy applies to all photographs and videos shared with ACFEA Tour Consultants, Inc.

By sharing photos with ACFEA, you are agreeing to the terms outlined below.

Sharing a photo with ACFEA Tour Consultants is defined as:

1) emailing your photos to,

2) on Facebook: tagging (@ACFEA), posting photos to our Page ( or using #acfea in a photo’s comments or description,

3) on Instagram: tagging @acfea or using #acfea in a photo’s title or description, and

4) on Twitter: tagging @acfea or using #acfea in a post.

For all social media platforms, the original account must be the person to tag ACFEA or use our hashtag. A comment with the tag or hashtag by another user will not be taken as permission for us to use the photo.

Permission to repost or use a photo or video will be requested via a comment or direct message, and granted via the hashtag #yesacfea in a comment or given explicitly in a message. Granting permission to repost or use a photo grants permission to repost or use that photo or video only. Your content might be used online, including but not limited to our website, in online ads, and on social media platforms. Additionally, we might use your photos in printed materials such as our newsletter, printed ads, or other future promotional items.

All photos or videos will be credited to your first and last name, or your username on Instagram or Twitter within those platforms, unless you specify otherwise at the time of granting permission. Your group name and basic tour details might also be shared, but not the names of any group members.

We will pay $50 for any photo chosen for printed or online materials, with the exception of social media, for a maximum of $100 total per person. No payment will be made for photos reposted or used on social media. If you are a professional photographer with different rates, please contact us to discuss them. If your photo of a group appears in a group’s concert program ad or other sponsorship item for that group, no payment for the photo will be made.

By submitting a photo and/or video to an official ACFEA contest, you are agreeing to the terms outlined in the contest rules in addition to those found here. If a contest entry wins and is awarded prize money, additional payment for photo use in promotional materials will not be made.

If you would like us to remove a photo or video of yours from a social media post, please email

If you hold the copyright to a photo or video that you believe has been shared with us illegally, infringing on your copyright, please email

ACFEA does not claim any ownership rights to any photos or videos submitted and nothing in these terms will be deemed to restrict any rights that you may have to use your photos or videos.

Thank you for sharing your photos with us!