Past Newsletters

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2006-07 ACFEA Tour Notes

In this issue: Hungary, Brazil, Russia, China, Slovakia, Austria, England, France, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Portugal, Brazil, The Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, Turkey, Mexico, Alaska Choral Cruise

2005-06 ACFEA Tour Notes

In this issue: Germany, Poland, The Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Greece, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Great Britain, Brazil, Argentina, China, Uruguay, Russia

2004-05 ACFEA Tour Notes

In this issue: Greece, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Australia, England, Russia, Austria, Wales, Poland, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Brazil

2003-04 ACFEA Tour Notes

In this issue: Japan, Germany, The Czech Republic, Austria, England, Ireland, Spain, Italy, France, Hungary, New Zealand, Argentina, Uruguay, Honduras, Australia

2002-03 ACFEA Tour Notes

In this issue: Brazil, China, Austria, Germany, Siberia, The Czech Republic, England, Scotland, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Fiji, Spain, Portugal