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ACFEA Tour Notes: The Diplomacy Issue

In this issue, we explore how concert tours strengthen community within your group and throughout the world. Read about tours to France, Cuba, South Africa, Germany and Northern Ireland, and tips on reassuring safety worries of tour participants.

2015-16 ACFEA Tour Notes

In this issue: Sweden, Estonia, Finland, Russia, Australia, South Africa, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, China, Israel, Turkey, Cuba, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Austria, Kosovo, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Greece

2014-15 ACFEA Tour Notes

In this issue: Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Austria, Germany, Ireland, China, Hong Kong, Colombia, Peru, Spain, France, The Czech Republic, South Africa, Finland, Estonia

2013-14 ACFEA Tour Notes

In this issue: Greece, Turkey, Costa Rica, China, Ireland, Germany, Austria, France, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Italy, Portugal, The United Kingdom

2012-13 ACFEA Tour Notes

In this issue: Uruguay, Argentina, The United Kingdom, South Africa, Italy, Peru, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Hungary, Spain, Mexico, The Czech Republic, Austria