Custom College and Youth Orchestra Tours

From the start of your orchestra tour planning, an ACFEA Tour Manager personally works with you to determine your group’s musical goals, budget, size, travel dates and itinerary.

We have arranged tours for some of the most prestigious amateur orchestras including the Boston Youth Symphony, Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra, Denver Young Artists Orchestra, the Empire State Youth Orchestra and the Pacific Symphony Youth Orchestra. Time and time again, these orchestras (and many others!) turn to ACFEA to plan their performance tours. Whether you are a touring veteran or this is your first tour, ACFEA will create a customized tour best suited for your group’s needs.

ACFEA provides you with…

  • A dedicated Tour Manager who works with you from the initial proposal until the end of your tour
  • Offices and representatives worldwide, with experienced local staff, to ensure that your tour runs smoothly
  • Knowledgeable staff who travel extensively in the places you want to tour
  • The most reputable trucking services for transporting your instruments while you are on tour
  • Opportunities for your orchestra to perform with local choruses
  • Distinctive cultural experiences to accent your tour such as homestays, special dinners and unique workshops
  • Up-to-date online information , customized for your group, on the Tour Central section of our website
  • Personal service throughout, including group presentations, careful handling of all individual travel requests, a pre-departure briefing for the entire group approximately one month prior to your tour and assistance with check-in at your departure airport