Custom Band Tours

From the start, an ACFEA Tour Manager personally works with you to determine your band’s musical goals, budget, size, travel dates and itinerary. Whether you are a concert band, jazz ensemble or a marching band, ACFEA can arrange a tour that will suit your needs.

We have led band tours throughout Europe, China, Mexico and multiple destinations within the United States. We have arranged performances in a wide range of venues including the Umbria Jazz Festival in Italy, Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the Great Wall of China and Disney Magic Music Days.

ACFEA provides you with…

  • Knowledgeable staff who live and travel extensively in the places you want to tour
  • A dedicated Tour Manager who works with you from the beginning proposal until the end of your tour
  • Offices and representatives worldwide, with experienced local staff, to ensure that your tour runs smoothly
  • Distinctive cultural experiences to accent your tour such as unique workshops, clinics, guest conductors and viewing rehearsals
  • Up-to-date online information, customized for your group, on the Tour Central section of our website
  • Personal service throughout, including group presentations, careful handling of all individual travel requests, a pre-departure briefing to the entire group approximately one month prior to your tour and assistance with check-in at your departure airport