West Village Chorale 2016 Concert Tour of Greece

West Village Chorale performs as part of a joint concert with Ta Paidia tis Horodias in the Cultural Foundation in Tinos, Greece. Photo courtesy of Filippos Rotsetis

Few things get closer to the heart of what an international concert tour can teach than performing with a local group. Joint concerts can be tricky to coordinate, given that typical concert seasons and touring times mean host groups aren’t always available. But when they’re possible, they are such a beautiful, clear example of how much we have in common with our brothers and sisters around the globe.

The West Village Chorale from New York City had one such experience while traveling through Greece this summer. As the tour unfolded, the members’ Facebook posts were full of snapshots of the singers exploring ancient archaeological sites in the radiant sunlight, tales of the choir warming up in some of the country’s finest Neoclassical venues, and, as you would hope, a copious amount of photos of them hanging out on the beach under that famously deep blue sky. But the night of their final concert on the island of Tinos, a joint concert with Ta Paidia tis Horodias, the local youth choir, the status updates were filled with even deeper emotion. Former Artistic Director Michael Conley posted:

The best moments of the tour happened last night when we shared our final concert with a local children’s choir. During the warm-up they sang an American spiritual, which wasn’t on their program, just for us. It was so lovely! And during the concert they sang an Eastern Orthodox hymn, an Ave Maria, a Greek folk song, and ended with Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” in Greek! It was so moving and so heartfelt, and such a perfect expression of what we need a lot more of in the world: joyfully crossing borders and tearing down walls. May the children show us the way!

The touching concert experience continued to resonate after the Chorale went home and inspired them to pool donations for the youth choir. After only a few short weeks, they raised $1,500. Of the gift, Georgia Bakogianni, Ta Paidia tis Horodias’s director, said, “It is like a gift coming from heaven and this is proof that music can bring people together and make us better!”

The Greek choir has always wanted to perform beyond Tinos, and now the group is able to do just that, at a festival of school choirs in the spring of 2017. “Thanks to you, we will be able to climb up a level and have new choral experiences,” Georgia said. As WVC singer Marianna Cayten said, “I’m so happy we can do a bit to expand their world. They certainly did for us.”

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