Texas A&M University Women’s Chorus 2015 Concert Tour of Canada

ACFEA is very honored that Texas A&M University has toured exclusively with us for many years with its three choral ensembles – the Singing Cadets (the flagship men’s chorus), the Century Singers (the SATB group) and the Women’s Chorus: 13 tours over 21 years.

It was the Women’s Chorus’s turn in 2015, and after giving Mexico serious consideration they decided on Québec as the destination. The uniqueness of Québécois culture, its feeling of foreignness while being part of North America, and its relative affordability due to the weaker Canadian dollar made this a compelling choice.

After a conventional concert tour of Germany with the Century Singers in 2014, director Eric Posada asked for a different experience for the Women’s Chorus: he wanted to offer their talents and artistry to those who would be unlikely to attend a formal evening concert. So, they sang to the elderly, poor, homeless and abused at a women’s shelter in Montréal, a retirement home in Québec City and a soup kitchen in Saguenay. The evening before they sang at the soup kitchen for the clients, they gave a short concert for donors to the charity, as a way of saying thanks for their support. They also sang at a Mass in the Shrine of our Lady of the Cape in Trois-Rivières. This was very well received by the congregation and was followed by the opportunity to hear the grand organ and sing a couple of pieces in the main basilica – quite a thrill!

Texas A&M University Women’s Chorus director Eric Posada with the mayor of Saguenay, Jean Tremblay

So, in the course of nine days they were able to spend time in the major cities of the province, see the rarely visited northeast corner, and give great joy to hundreds of people who do not often have the opportunity to hear great music beautifully sung.

We are now looking forward to taking the Singing Cadets on their 2016 adventure to Turkey and the Czech Republic. 

To learn more about Canada as a possible concert tour destination for your ensemble, please visit our Canada destination page, or contact us