St. Louis Children’s Choirs 2015 Concert Tour of Germany, the Czech Republic, and Austria

The friendships created by making music with an ensemble can be some of the best in one’s life. One of the most cherished benefits of going on a concert tour is the chance to either deepen these friendships or make new ones – and on some tours, especially lucky groups get to do both. The St. Louis Children’s Choirs was one such lucky group on its tour of Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria.

In Prague, the group reunited with the Jitro Children’s Choir, which had visited St. Louis on one of their own concert tours, where they performed with SLCC. Now, several years later, it was SLCC’s turn to hop the ocean for a visit. “We enjoyed a special time of singing and camaraderie with the Jitro Children’s Choir in Prague,” Heather McKenzie Patterson, Choir Manager, said.

St. Louis Children’s Choirs performs with the Jitro Children’s Choir in the Church of the Holy Saviour in Prague, Czech Republic

“In preparation for the tour, our choir worked diligently to learn a Czech folk song, ‘Velet, vtacku.’ It was a wonderful opportunity for our students to perform it with native Czech speakers. Our students loved hearing them sing in Czech, and it was so special for the two choirs to sing together. It was most surprising when our choir performed ‘America the Beautiful’ and the Jitro girls began to sing along from their seats in the audience. Their enthusiasm for one of our most patriotic songs was especially moving for me.”

A trip to Leipzig wouldn’t be complete without visiting one of choral music’s greatest friends, JS Bach. In fact, an informal recital at the Thomaskirche was the first performance of the tour. Of that concert, Heather said, “I had the pleasure of sitting near Bach’s organ and listening to the singers perform one of his beloved cantatas, just as it would have been heard hundreds of years ago. An unforgettable experience!”

The singers also visited Teisendorf, near Salzburg, where they met and performed with the Teisendorfer Gospelchor. It was an especially fun and festive end to the tour, with the audience requesting two encores. “The resounding applause at the end of the night stays in our hearts and minds as a fitting conclusion to a spectacular tour,” Heather said. 

If you would like to learn more about Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria as possible concert tour destinations for your ensemble, please visit our Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia, and Austria, Hungary and Slovenia destination pages, or contact us