Southern California Children’s Chorus 2014 Concert Tour of Ireland

An interview with Lori Loftus, Director, Southern California Children’s Chorus

Why did you choose Ireland for this tour?

My family had been to beautiful Ireland on a bike trip. I believed the Chorus would LOVE the 100 shades of green, plus the amazing history and climate of this incredible country. 

What was the highlight of your tour?

Singing ‘impromptu’ in Bunratty Castle was an honor! There we stood, where knights and ladies of the 16th century had held parties. Quite a memory, indeed.

Southern California Children’s Chorus at Bunratty Castle

What was your favorite memory from your performances?

The concert in Dalkey that we shared with a senior chorus [the Dalkey Active Retirement Association choir]! The older ‘kids’ connected so dearly to our younger kids. We were surrounded by support, love and encouragement, just what young people need today!

What surprised you most about the tour?

The beautiful weather! We had expected gloom and rain. Instead, it was as if we brought the California climate with us! Everywhere we went, we saw sunburned Irish people.

What was the biggest learning aspect of the tour for the choristers?

The countryside and its history. The beautiful cliffs, the many, many ruins and stories of folklore that have been passed down through the ages. Some tales of heroism, some tragic and some very humorous.

Why is it important for SCCC to go on tour?

Touring unites our chorus, teaches responsibility, punctuality and requires kids to become more mature. Touring opens our minds to different cultures, different foods and different people. Touring tests young people to get along with others for a confined and lengthy period, a great lesson for all of humanity.

To learn more about Ireland as a possible concert tour destination for your ensemble, please visit our Ireland destination page, or contact us.