Santa Barbara Choral Society 2011 Concert Tour of Spain

Following the huge success of its 2007 tour of Italy and Germany, the Santa Barbara Choral Society (director, JoAnne Wasserman) decided on Spain as the destination for its 2011 tour. The combination of world-class cities such as Madrid and Barcelona with smaller, more low-key ones such as Cuenca and Zaragoza, the availability of great venues and enthusiastic audiences, and good value prices made this a sure-fire winner. 

Looking to perform with an orchestra (as they usually do at home) for at least part of their program, they asked us to hire Spanish instrumentalists for performances of the crowd-pleasing Requiem by Gabriel Fauré. So, two of the concerts (in Cuenca and Barcelona, the latter being recorded) were with professional orchestras, and the other three (in Madrid, Zaragoza and Figueres) were a cappella or with piano accompaniment.

Santa Barbara Choral Society performs with the Orquesta de Cámara de la Sinfónica Europea in Barcelona Cathedral

Looking to bolster its numbers a little, SBCS invited members of the UC Alumni Chorus and of the choral program at Santa Rosa Junior College to join them, resulting in a musically robust ensemble and the potential for lots of new friendships to be made. The social part of SBCS’s tours is always important, and much care was taken to allow plenty of time to enjoy the magnificent Spanish wine and cuisine in each place.

Add to this mix an excursion to Toledo, a visit to the Prado, sightseeing tours of Madrid, Zaragoza and Barcelona, and an afternoon of Salvador Dalí in Figueres, and the singers came back feeling that they had had a wonderfully full Spanish experience and had given their audiences great musical performances.

Paul Warner, President of the Santa Barbara Choral Society, was kind enough to write: “First of all, thanks for all of your work on our behalf regarding the Spain tour. It was fabulous! We had a great time singing and touring and we really appreciated the Berkeley/Santa Rosa group. They were very good singers, including the kids, and we all blended together after a very short rehearsal. Again, thanks.” 

To learn more about Spain as a possible concert tour destination for your ensemble, please visit our Spain and Portugal destination page, or contact us.