Rocky Mountain Children’s Choir 2014 Concert Tour of Germany

The Rocky Mountain Children’s Choir (RMCC), based in the Denver area, comprises both mixed and single-sex ensembles of varying ages. As its mission states, RMCC “actively seeks children from diverse backgrounds and offers the opportunity to experience musical excellence in a multicultural environment.” The group has just returned from its third tour with ACFEA. RMCC travelled twice with us in 2012, to Washington, D.C. with Summit, one of its eight performing ensembles, and to Quebec with Mountain Aires, Fourteeners, Altitude, and Thin Air, four of its advanced ensembles.

Rocky Mountain Children’s Choir at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

This time, RMCC crossed the Atlantic in June, 2014 for the group’s first foray into Europe. Starting in Berlin and ending in Munich, the choir explored both big cities and small towns throughout Germany. Highlights of the tour included a moving performance for the Jewish High Holy Days at the ruins of the Jewish sector of Buchenwald concentration camp, and an impromptu performance of Biebl’s Ave Maria in Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria. In addition, the group had the opportunity to stay with local hosts in Wangen im Allgäu, a small town that opened its doors and hearts to the visitors.

“We feel like we all have new friends there,” reported Leslie Britton, the group’s director. The Schwäbische Zeitung, a local paper, published a review of the group’s concert in Wangen’s Stadthalle that paid them the ultimate compliment, given local furor over the World Cup:

“The chorus had long since left the stage, but the applause continued. The audience wanted one more encore – soccer could wait. Already partly changed into street clothes, the guests returned and proclaimed: ‘Hallelujah, He is Wonderful!’” 

To learn more about Germany as a possible concert tour destination for your ensemble, please visit our Germany destination page, or contact us.