Plano Civic Chorus 2014 Concert Tour of Spain and France

Plano Civic Chorus performs in the Església Santa Maria in Blanes, Spain

It is always exciting to work with a group for the first time, getting to know one another and hoping that it may lead to many subsequent tours. With the 2014 tour for the Plano (TX) Civic Chorus, directed by Ralph Stannard, this excitement was combined with the pleasure of working again with Mike Richardson, who had been ACFEA’s contact on previous Dallas Symphony Chorus’s tours.

It all went very well! As chorister Karen Ebling wrote afterwards:

“Don’t have much to say except positive! Chris and I have both done A LOT of international travel, both business and pleasure. This was the first time we had ever done a large group trip and were honestly a bit cautious, since we like to select our own hotels and schedules and such. But afterwards, both of us agreed it was so well run and flexible that we didn’t see any downside. We much enjoyed everything: the itinerary, the accommodations, bus and guides, etc.”

Ralph combined this community chorus with his choir from First Presbyterian Church, Richardson, creating a total group of 103. They performed in Barcelona (in the Sagrada Familia), Blanes (a wonderful joint concert with a local choir, followed by a great party), Aix-en-Provence (in the cathedral), Mâcon (in the Eglise Saint-Pierre), and Paris (in Notre Dame and La Madeleine).

To quote Karen again:

“Before we left, Chris told me he had no intention whatsoever of attending every concert. Sounded like torture to him, being a high school band geek years ago who could think of nothing more horrible than hanging out with choir people. Not REALLY, but it was his going-in position, and the way he likes to tease me. Well, he was there for every concert AND every rehearsal. He admitted it was just too good to miss. I consider that a victory.”

A train strike thwarted the plans to travel to Paris by TGV (high-speed train), but also provided an opportunity for us to show the group two of ACFEA’s fine couriers in action, managing to rustle up two buses at very short notice when the entire country was scrambling to find any available alternative to the trains.

We appreciated the opportunity to work together this time, and look forward to working with Ralph, Mike and their fine groups again in the future. 

To learn more about Spain and France as possible tour destinations for your ensemble, please visit our Spain and Portugal and France and Switzerland destination pages, or contact us.