Fountain Valley High School Troubadours 2014 Concert Tour of China

by Kevin Tison, Director of Vocal Music, Fountain Valley High School

ACFEA has hit yet another home run! In June of 2014, we embarked on our fourth international performance tour, planned by Hugh Davies and ACFEA’s great staff abroad. After three previous tours to Europe, which were all amazing, I was ready for a change of direction, taking us to China and Hong Kong for ten days of spectacular performances and adventure!

If world-class venues packed with enthusiastic audiences were not enough, the tour was filled with profound and meaningful historic and cultural experiences – visiting such iconic places as the Great Wall (where we also did a casual performance), the terracotta warriors, beautiful jade and silk factories, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the ancient city wall of Xi’an and Victoria Peak in Hong Kong with its stunning views. My goal was to have my students experience firsthand what they read and learn in so many other academic areas of school. No longer just photos and narratives in textbooks, these places and experiences were brought to life!

A personal highlight for me was getting to conduct a full performance in the beautiful He Luting Concert Hall at the internationally renowned Shanghai Conservatory of Music. I can still remember the faces of all the Chinese children, peeking over the edge of the balcony as they watched the concert below. I’m sure I had a huge smile on my face for at least two days after this concert!

Fountain Valley High School Troubadours with The Music Office Youth Choir in the Academic Community Hall at Hong Kong Baptist University

For my singers, one of their highlights was unequivocally a music exchange we did with a local high school choir in Hong Kong. After getting to perform a finale piece together, the students shared some time talking and taking photos. I know many of them have maintained friendships over thousands of miles – all brought together by the joy and love of making music. These are certainly experiences that cannot be intentionally planned but, thanks to ACFEA, all of the puzzle pieces were in place for this and so many other memorable, life-changing experiences to occur!

Fountain Valley High School Troubadours at the Great Wall of China

I’m sure many directors may be hesitant to the idea of touring internationally, especially with students. However, I would wholeheartedly recommend ACFEA for their expertise, personal attention and their flawless planning to make your own performance tour something extraordinary…for director and students alike!

Thanks again to Hugh and his amazing staff, both local and abroad. 

To learn more about China and Hong Kong as possible concert tour destinations for your ensemble, please visit our China and Hong Kong destination page, or contact us.