Davidson United Methodist Church Chancel and Handbell Choirs 2015 Concert Tour of the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary

Davidson UMC Handbell Choir members share their handbells with locals after Davidson’s concert in the Evangelical Methodist Church in Krakow, Poland

Meeting locals while traveling abroad gives one a unique and personal exposure to life outside the US – chatting with shop owners, interacting with the wait staff at restaurants or mingling with the audience after a concert are common examples. However, some groups actively seek a deeper connection through exchanges and joint concerts.Kevin Turner and the members of the Chancel and Handbell Choirs at Davidson United Methodist Church are such people. During the initial planning of their recent tour of the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary, Kevin started reaching out to Methodist churches in these countries, with churches in Krakow and Budapest eagerly inviting the group to visit, sing and share fellowship.

Of the experience, Reverend Turner said, “We really appreciated the opportunity to make connections with Methodists in Poland and Hungary. While we love performing in Europe in historic cathedrals, our choir members treasured the opportunity to sing and ring for local Methodists and not just tourists. I am grateful that ACFEA allowed us the flexibility to work in these opportunities. Flexibility is the key word, seeing as how one venue required us to play handbells al fresco in a courtyard. That was when the real ministry of music happened on our tour. We enjoyed making these connections and learning about the lives of Polish and Hungarian people, and we enjoyed the challenge of singing in marquee level venues as well. This is why we use ACFEA ontour. They provide quality experiences for our choir members.” 

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