United Kingdom

The United Kingdom’s wide range of musical contacts for choirs, orchestras and bands is second to none. There are opportunities for excellent church choirs to sing services in cathedrals during July and August, and a variety of music festivals that welcome visiting performers.

ACFEA has a sister office in London. Meet our London staff

“Having lived in England for about half my life, and in California for most of the rest, I feel that I now enjoy the country in a great combination of two ways: as native and as visitor. As a native, you’re not allowed to show that you like living there very much (there’s a dissertation-length explanation for that), and as a visitor you are often baffled by British customs, accents, driving and the sense of humor. I, on the other hand, can enjoy the boundless delights of the country, with its wonderful history, music, countryside, people and (yes, these days) food without the natives’ reserve, while knowing how the whole system works, driving on the ‘right’ side of the road without causing too much angst, and understanding the locals – though it is hard to remember how to pronounce ‘tomato’.”
Hugh Davies, President, ACFEA North America
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