South Korea and Japan

South Korea and Japan are two exciting destinations that are relatively new to the ACFEA tour repertoire. In both countries, ancient cultures come together with modern cities to create fascinating places to visit. Audiences are extremely friendly with a wide range of venues and performance options.

“In the spring of 2010, The Empire State Youth Orchestra approached me with the idea to visit China and South Korea on its next tour. Having done several tours to China, my mind fixed on Korea with a healthy mix of curiosity, excitement and, admittedly, a little fear. Every time a new destination is entered into the repertoire, the ‘when’, ‘where’ and ‘what’ that usually comprises the process is replaced with a vehement ‘how?’. Given the hearty lead time (the group toured in July of 2012), we had the time we needed to research, investigate and forge relationships that make tours a success. In the end, the tour of Korea was incredible. Traveling with a 90-piece orchestra is never what I’d describe as easy, but I was thrilled at the quality of venues and the knowledge and accommodating nature of concert organizers and promoters. I wouldn’t hesitate to send another youth orchestra to Korea, and choirs would be just as welcomed.”
Amanda Bauman, ACFEA Senior Tour Manager

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South Korea and Japan Photo Gallery