What makes Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland) a unique destination for a concert tour is the fantastic range of venues. All the major churches have excellent organs, pianos and sound equipment, and are very flexible about repertoire. Many concert halls, even in the major cities, are open to the idea of presenting amateur groups.

Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm boast countless sights and attractions, but, as so often is the case, the most memorable concert opportunities can be found in the smaller towns and cities, such as Århus, Bergen, Karlstad, Örebro and Nora, and even further off the beaten track, in the Dalarna cities of Mora, Leksand and Rättvik, where ACFEA has collaborated with the Midsummer Festival in recent years.

ACFEA has a long-standing representative in Scandinavia, Anders Lindstrom. Read Anders’ bio

ACFEA Tour Manager Emily Frye“The innate appreciation for musical performance – and choral singing in particular – cannot be overemphasized in Scandinavia. Most venues are incredibly well-equipped with accompaniment instruments and many amateur choirs are of a professional-level quality. When I visited Stockholm with the Lexington High School Chorus, they performed at a high school whose chorus decided to spontaneously perform for them too. They stood up, didn’t hum a note of warm-ups, and proceeded to blow us all away with their gorgeous sound.”
Emily Henriksen, ACFEA Tour Manager

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