Stable and secure, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan provides a wonderful taste of the Middle East, from contemporary Amman to ancient Petra to the seaside resort of Aqaba. Performance opportunities can range from modern cultural centers to open-air Roman amphitheaters that are thousands of years old. No matter where you perform, you will find wonderful audiences not oversaturated with touring groups.

“There are very few man-made sites in the world as impressive as Petra. It isn’t easy to get to, but once you are there you are in for countless hours of wide-eyed exploration. Established likely in the fourth century BCE, it lay abandoned and forgotten until 1812 and is the sort of destination that makes you think there may still be places left to be explored. As impressive as Petra looks on film, nothing compares to emerging from the Siq (a narrow canyon that serves as entrance to the site) to see Al Khazneh, the Treasury. My first thought was ‘Wow!’ followed shortly thereafter by ‘How?!’ Part of the beauty of the site is its mysteries, some of which may never be answered.”
Rachel Flamm, ACFEA Tour Manager

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