Apart from the obvious reasons to visit Italy, such as the architecture, museums, landscape, food and climate, Italy offers fantastic opportunities for performing groups of all kinds. Visiting choirs are welcomed in many of the finest churches and cathedrals, both for concerts and mass participation opportunities. There is also a wide selection of summer festivals and concert series, from small villages to major international arts festivals such as Spoleto and Ravenna. The Catholic churches are generally strict about the choice of repertoire, so it is advisable to bring a sacred a cappella repertoire, as very few churches have pianos, and organs can be of variable quality. Orchestral and band concerts during the summer tend to be outdoors, but usually with specially constructed and well-equipped open-air stages.

ACFEA has a long-standing representative for Italy, Elfriede Liemer Rizzotti. Read Elfriede’s bio.

“Hands-down, my most memorable Italian moment happened in Venice. I was touring with the Central Dauphin and Hershey High School Choir and they had a concert at the Chiesa San Salvador. As the choir started warming up on the steps out front, someone ran out of another church across the way shouting, ‘Quiet! We have service going on!’ So, we moved a few blocks down and kept rehearsing. Within minutes we had attracted an audience, so the choir hammed it up and started to perform. Soon it was time for the concert to begin and we started walking back to the church, singing all the while. The crowd followed us and, when we got to the church, they came right in and sat down. The Pied Pipers of Venice!”
Emily Henriksen, ACFEA Tour Manager

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