Ireland has a relatively small population outside the major cities, but what it may lack in numbers it makes up for in warmth and hospitality. The scenic attractions of the Emerald Isle are incomparable, from the sub-tropical coastline around County Cork and County Kerry to the austere beauty of Connemara.

ACFEA Tour Manager, Rachel Flamm“I feel like Ireland is a country you can’t fully appreciate without knowing its stories. I was there shadowing a group and luckily Anne Farrelly, our longtime representative there, was the group’s courier. When I was first told about Anne, I was told, ‘What she doesn’t know about Ireland could fit on the back of a postage stamp.’ After meeting her, I’m pretty sure that is true. All the rolling green hills are pretty of course, but to see them while Anne tells you the legends of the region and how that rock over there got its name gives you an entirely different appreciation for what you are seeing.”
Rachel Flamm, ACFEA Tour Manager 

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