India is very keen to welcome performing arts groups and, contrary to the widely held misconception, has the infrastructure to offer a safe, comfortable and healthy experience. More important, however, and the most compelling reason to visit this incredible country, is the vast range of cultural opportunities on offer: they will love your music, but you will love the diversity, the color, the energy, the scenery, the temples, the philanthropic possibilities, the millennia-old history – and so much more. No one is ever quite the same after visiting India.

“My first visit to India was in 1979, when I spent a month backpacking from the top (Kashmir and Darjeeling) to as far south as Mumbai. Since then, I have been back many times – as tourist, family member (my wife’s family is from there), and as ACFEA Tour Manager – and each time I have tried to define what it is that keeps drawing me back. I should really accept that it is this very indefinability that is the lure, and stop trying to categorize one of the most fascinating places in the world.”
Hugh Davies, President, ACFEA North America

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