Greece and Turkey

Although they may be long-time political rivals, Greece and Turkey share a common history and overlapping cultures and cuisines. Both offer wonderful performance opportunities and groups often combine the two countries for a memorable concert tour.

Greece may not immediately spring to mind as a concert tour destination, but there are opportunities for those seeking something a bit different. During the summer months, because of the heat, most concerts take place outdoors. However, the Greeks invented the science of acoustics, and many of the amphitheaters where performances take place have miraculous sound quality. And then, of course, there is the Apollon Theatre on the island of Syros, which is a perfect replica in miniature of La Scala Milan.

Quite literally bridging the gap between Europe and Asia, Turkey has been home to some of the world’s greatest civilizations. Music has always played an important role in the cultural life of Turkey and opportunities exist across the country to perform in historic churches, modern well-equipped concert halls, schools and universities, many of which are open to the idea of joint concerts, and at historic sites, such as ancient caves and amphitheaters.

ACFEA has a long-standing representative in Greece, Tassos Strikos. Read Tassos‘ bio

“In May of 2013, I traveled on a choir tour to Ankara, Eskisehir and Istanbul, Turkey. We were invited by the Ministry of Culture to perform with the oratorio ‘Yunus Emre’ in Turkish for chorus, orchestra and soloists by Turkish composer A. Adnan Sayun. In the final movement of the work, the main theme is introduced by the string basses. The hymn-like melody is a familiar one in Turkey, and in each concert audience members could be heard humming and singing along. It was quite moving to experience the locals joining in with greater force as the larger forces of the orchestra and chorus also entered. If you ever have the chance to visit this enchanting country, you should without hesitation.”
Jeffery ThyerACFEA Tour Manager

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