Czech Republic and Slovakia

The Czech Republic has been one of our most popular destinations for touring choirs and orchestras ever since we first started working there in 1986. Our range of musical contacts in all the major cities, as well as smaller towns and villages, is substantial. We have also been arranging more and more tours to Slovakia over the years, and can offer a wide range of excellent venues and performance opportunities there as well, if you want to go slightly off the beaten track.

“Though Slovakia may not be the most obvious choice for a European concert tour, there are few better places to present concerts, as my choir, the Northwest Chamber Chorus, found out on a recent tour. As we sang in beautiful churches and castles, we were struck by how welcoming the audiences were, including numerous families with multiple generations in attendance. After one concert, a girl who might have been 12 or 13 came up and started talking to a few of us about how her school choir was singing one of the songs on our program, the spiritual, ‘My Lord, What a Morning’, but she liked our arrangement better because it was more complicated. She was incredibly enthusiastic and sweet and I know she made an impression on all of us.”
Rachel Flamm, ACFEA Tour Manager

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