Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro

The former Yugoslav republics of Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro offer a wondrous variety of cultures and landscapes as well as unique concert tour possibilities.

Croatia offers a wide range of performance possibilities, with well-attended summer festivals and spectacular churches. Free time can be spent discovering ancient Roman ruins or simply soaking up the sun on the scenic Adriatic coast.

Serbia’s capital, Belgrade, has evolved into a dynamic city and is a melting pot of differing cultures, ideas and influences. Novi Sad, 50 miles to the north, is famous for hosting Serbia’s biggest music festival, Exit. It is a charming town for a day trip, with cafés lining the streets, all overlooked by the Petrovardin Citadel, on the east bank of the Danube.

Bosnia and Montenegro offer countless opportunities to perform in regions that rarely see visiting groups, yet have very strong musical traditions.

ACFEA has an exclusive representative for the Balkans, Dragana Grozdanovic. Read Dragana’s bio

“So much can be said about former Yugoslavia. To get a better understanding of the region, I took a trip there with our European Sales Manager, Nick Abbott, in November of 2011. I’d long wondered if this might be the perfect destination for a choir or even an orchestra looking for something a little more daring and off the beaten track. We found just that. Civil wars in the Balkans (1991-1999) left Yugoslavia divided geographically, politically, ethnically and emotionally. While tensions are still high, we found music was a transcendent common bond. Each of the countries we visited (Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro) boasts its own character, from the European-style city center of Belgrade to the Turkish feel of Sarajevo, complete with prayer calls and kebabs, to the stunning coastlines of Montenegro and Croatia.”
Amanda Bauman, ACFEA Senior Tour Manager

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