China and Hong Kong

China and Hong Kong have become two very popular tour destinations among our groups. A great value, China is packed with amazing sightseeing such as the Great Wall and the terra cotta warriors of Xi’an, and also boasts fantastic modern concert halls. The country has a rich musical history – starting with being the source of the earliest scale in recorded human history. Western music is very popular and concerts are well attended. China also provides numerous opportunities for joint concerts and exchanges with local choirs and orchestras. Hong Kong is a melting pot of world cultures and performance opportunities range from modern, world-class concert halls to more intimate venues at universities and churches.

“I am eager to welcome you with open arms to my country. China is a very attractive destination with a long, rich history over 5,000 years, fascinating sights and incredible performance opportunities. It is a huge and diverse country that is still developing and many regions in China may still feel very exotic and fascinating to visitors. However, no matter what region you tour to in China, appreciative and enthusiastic audiences will await you.”
Jeff Sha, Manager, ACFEA China

In Hong Kong, we have an Artistic Consultant, Esther Yu, and a Travel Consultant, Camus Leung.

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