Chile, Peru and Bolivia

Cultured and quirky, Chile is equal parts laid-back locale and emerging tourist hot spot. With cities that boast traditional Incan culture, elegant colonial architecture, amazing archeological finds such as Machu Picchu and shiny beachside resorts, Peru offers many worlds in one. Between the indigenous areas of La Paz, the silver mines in colonial Potosi, the Amazonian jungle, the beautiful Lake Titicaca (which also borders Peru) and the rugged Andes, Bolivia is a study in extreme nature and lively culture. All three countries offer numerous performance options, from local Andean festivals to modern concert halls in the big cities. Concerts tend to be well attended and audiences are usually extremely enthusiastic and friendly.

ACFEA has a long-standing manager in Latin America, Sylvia Garcia Marin. Read Sylvia’s bio.

“Coming from California, I’d always thought of Chile as a thin version of the same – hundreds of miles of Pacific coast rolling across a fertile central valley and up the slopes of rugged mountains on the eastern border. Even our main interstates are both numbered 5! There were many surprises in store upon visiting Chile for the first time – from the sweet, peppery flavor of the purple, cucumber-like fruit pepino dulce to the emerald and sapphire majesty of Glacier San Rafael, seen at dawn. Santiago, with its stately colonial buildings, beautiful hilltop parks, and world-class museums, theaters, and restaurants was vibrant and forward-looking, and the nearby seaside resort of Viña del Mar and its bohemian neighbor Valparaiso were similarly lovely to wander through. But what took my breath away was the contrast between the high desert to the north of the country and the lush rainforest to the south, with every imaginable landscape in between. With both the vastness of the ocean horizon and the backdrop of mountains always nearby, Chile invites us to consider where we belong in the grand scheme of things.”
Jefferson Packer, ACFEA Tour Manager

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