From French-speaking Quebec and Montreal to the British quaintness of Victoria, Canada offers endless tour opportunities. Audiences with great appreciation for the musical arts combined with stunning Canadian landscapes and sightseeing make for great tours close to home.

ACFEA Tour Manager Rachel Flamm“In such a vast country, it should be no surprise that there is such incredible diversity in what you can see and experience. I’ll never forget a trip to the Maritimes when I was a child. We came for the Anne of Green Gables sites, but those I hardly remember now. I do remember trying to spot whales from the ferry and hearing all the Acadian music, including some incredible fiddle playing. I visited Quebec City with my choir just after I graduated high school. That tour I remember as special because it was my last as a performer with my children’s choir, but I also remember thinking Quebec looked nothing like I thought Canada looked like and exactly what I thought France looked like. More recently, I’ve had many trips to the Rockies, where around every turn is another magnificent view, and maybe an elk or a bear. In Vancouver, you can have some of the best Chinese food in North America, which may seem like a surprise but isn’t when you consider the changing face of the city and its cultural diversity. A ride on the ferry to visit Victoria and Vancouver Island gives you some incredible views, and, if you’re lucky, you may even spot a whale.”
Rachel Flamm, ACFEA Tour Manager

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