Bulgaria and Romania

ACFEA has been sending groups to Bulgaria for some years. What this country lacks in infrastructure (although that is improving all the time), it makes up with genuine hospitality and a deep love of music. Bulgaria is well known for its rich choral tradition, but there are also exciting opportunities for youth and school orchestras.

Not only is Romania stunningly beautiful, but the welcome that is given to visiting choirs and orchestras is truly remarkable. Our exclusive representative in Bucharest has opened doors for us all over the country, from Cluj in the west to Sibiu, Brasov and Bucharest itself. For the group that wants a new and different experience, Romania is hard to beat.

ACFEA has a representative in Romania, Sebastian Gheorghiu. Read Sebastian’s bio

“The first time I stepped through the huge wooden doors of Rila Monastery, 60 miles south of Sofia, I just stood and stared. Its tranquil, simple beauty, with the Bulgarian Alps as the background and the tiny Orthodox chapel in the middle of the courtyard, left an indelible image in my memory. And the trout lunch, with fish directly from the stream that runs between the monastery and the restaurant, is the perfect way to end a visit. Combine this idyllic spot with everything else that Bulgaria has to offer, and you have a country I can’t wait to revisit.”
Hugh Davies, President, ACFEA North America

To learn more about the exciting tour options that Romania and Bulgaria have to offer, please contact us.

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