Belgium and the Netherlands

Friendly people, lovely countryside and the wide use of English as a second language make Belgium and the Netherlands attractive destinations, particularly for first-time tour goers. Our exclusive representative for this area has unrivaled access to a wealth of significant venues, including the major cathedrals.

“It was only after our family moved from the Netherlands to England that I began to see my own country through different eyes. Coming back on tour with choirs and orchestras to the beautiful cities of Amsterdam, Leiden, Haarlem, and also smaller towns like Gouda and Edam (yes, the cheeses!), with their impressive historic churches, lovely canals, windmills, tall houses and museums, I realized how very special my home country is. Not to mention the beautiful flowering bulb fields in spring! And, where else in the world would you find multi-storey bicycle parking?

Also, what’s not to like when touring Belgium? Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels and Bruges all have the most beautiful gothic churches and market squares surrounded by very tall houses, and are all spoiled with restaurants and cafés to enjoy the famous Belgium beers and delicious food, which tastes especially good after a concert in one of those stunning cathedrals!”
Bea van der KaaijACFEA Regional Representative, Belgium and the Netherlands

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