Music, and particularly choral music, has played a central part in the history of all three Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). It became an expression of defiance against Soviet domination in the 1980’s, when any nationalist tendencies were regarded as subversive, and music helped to unite the population. This cultural importance continues to this day, and visiting groups are very well received by appreciative audiences.

Emily Frye, ACFEA Tour Manager“Getting to stand on the steps of the Tallinn Song Festival site and sing is something every choral singer should get to experience. Even though I’d seen many photographs and videos of it, I didn’t grasp how vast it is – and just how many people can fit there, and the power of what that means – until I saw it in person. Touching history is one of the greatest reasons to travel, and the Singing Revolution is something important not only to Estonian history, but to our personal history as musicians.”
Emily Henriksen, ACFEA Tour Manager

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