Argentina and Uruguay

Argentina and Uruguay are two wonderful countries that can be combined for a magnificent South American concert tour. Argentina is a land of extremes: its hectic urban centers contrast with a staggeringly remote hinterland. The one common thread is that the people possess a curiosity, passion and fervor for life. The tango, gauchos and estancias are the country’s clichéd attractions, but what strikes visitors most is that life here is for living: the fast pace only letting up for the afternoon siesta or an evening concert.

Known as the ‘Oriental Republic’ because of its location east of the Uruguay River, Uruguay is one of the smallest of the South American countries. Parts of the territory that are now Uruguay were settled by the Spanish in the 1620s and the Portuguese in the 1680s and remnants of both colonial empires can still be seen in the charming cities. The small country has been a fantastic host of many ACFEA concert tours with its welcoming and enthusiastic audiences.

ACFEA has a long-standing manager in Latin America, Sylvia Garcia Marin. Read Sylvia’s bio.

Emily Frye, ACFEA Tour Manager
“I’m always hard-pressed to name just one favorite part about Argentina  the alluring tango, the tree-lined streets, the adoring audiences, the friendly people, the art that is everywhere, the dulce de leche. And the steak! Even if you don’t normally eat red meat, consider trying the steak.”
Emily Henriksen, ACFEA Tour Manager
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