May 22 2012

Performing Outside the Box with the Rocky Mountain Children’s Choir

I had the pleasure of traveling with the Rocky Mountain Children’s Choir Summit Singers this March on its tour of Washington, DC. It was exciting for me to get to know this unique group and its refreshing take on touring. While the group is great in a typical formal performance, what the singers really enjoy on tour are outreach opportunities.

One performance that stood out for everyone was at the Veterans Hospital. The kids were so invested in performing to these people who ordinarily do not have the opportunity to hear this kind of music, and they sang their hearts out. It was an emotionally charged performance and it even ended with a special hallway serenade for a vet who loved music but couldn’t make it out of bed to hear them.

It struck me with great admiration for this group that when they travel to a city they want to perform for the entire city, and not only the people who hear about the concert and come on their own (don’t get me wrong, you are so important, audience members!). They are just as devoted to performing for the people who can’t come to the concert. And the best part is: the kids totally get it.