Jan 3 2017

Celebrating Tolkien’s Birthday

Today is the 125th birthday of JRR Tolkien! To celebrate, we thought we’d dust off an old favorite fantastical itinerary, created by the masterful Colleen a few years ago. We originally intended it to be a fun way to discuss the boring topic of “standardizing” itineraries, but it’s since become a beloved artifact that inspires the inner dreamer in all of us. Thanks to JRR Tolkien for creating a world that we dearly want to visit!! Who’s with us?

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Nov 7 2016

Georgetown Day School Chamber Choir Provides a Light in the Dark

In times of global instability, it’s not surprising for groups to experience some nervousness when considering a tour abroad, especially when that group is comprised of young people. The Georgetown Day School Chamber Choir had been looking forward to its tour of Germany in February when news of an influx of refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond hit the airwaves. After a discussion with the group’s director, Ben Hutchens, it was decided that instead of fearing the unknown the group should take advantage of the opportunity to better understand the world by being directly involved in the situation.

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