Rachel Flamm

Tour Manager, North America

Rachel is a Tour Manager in the Seattle office. Originally from the Chicago area, Rachel sang with the Palatine Children’s Chorus for 14 years, touring with them throughout North America and Europe. She graduated with a degree in Music from Carleton College in Minnesota. At Carleton, Rachel played clarinet and conducted and managed the Carleton Choirs on tours to Los Angeles and New Orleans. Rachel has also traveled throughout Europe, Mexico, China, Japan, South Africa, Israel and Jordan. She currently sings with the Northwest Chamber Chorus.

"There is so much that goes into putting a tour together. The group leaders work tirelessly to coordinate, budget and fundraise, we arrange so many different venues and details, and participants rehearse until they are at their very best. But once the group gets to the airport to check in, all that is in the past and everyone is just so happy to be starting on this wonderful adventure. What gets carried forward are the memories of the tour itself. I have wonderful memories of every tour I've been on as a child, college student, adult singer and Tour Manager, and I love getting to help create those same sorts of memories for new groups of people."