Jesse Scheinbart

Tour Administrator, North America

Jesse is a Tour Administrator based in the Philadelphia office. Hailing from a suburb of Boston, he holds a degree in music from Syracuse University, the first institution to grant a bachelor’s degree in music in the US! During his time at Syracuse, Jesse spent a semester studying at the Conservatoire in Strasbourg, France, as well as participated in a choir that toured with ACFEA. Jesse has also traveled throughout Europe, as well as Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and most recently, Peru.

"The first time I traveled abroad was with a choir when I was in high school. I toured through a few European countries, performing at wide range of venues, such as churches, concert halls, or even on the sidewalk! Even though we sang pieces in languages other than what the audience spoke, it was easy to tell that sharing the music together can have a lasting impact on somebody. This began my passion for performing, touring again to France with my college choir, during which we competed in the Florilège, an international choral competition. We got to spend plenty of time with another choir from Macedonia, and even though we had trouble communicating verbally, we taught each other games, sang together, all because of a shared love for making music."